15 Free Creative Resume Templates for Photoshop and Illustrator

Having a stunning resume is a great way to stand out in the job market. And by downloading one of these free Photoshop templates, getting that stunning resume is easy. Continue reading…


How to easily colorize a black-and-white photograph in Photoshop!

Coloring a photo isn’t nearly as hard as you might think. In fact, it can be achieved in three simple steps using Photoshop. Read on for a basic method of colorizing a black-and-white picture, followed by some tips for building on this technique to create more stylized and dramatic results.

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Using the Lens Blur Filter on an image Sequence in Photoshop CS6

Even with the fantastic new Blur Gallery in Photoshop CS6, the Lens Blur filter is an essential tool when a high degree of control is needed to selectively (and realistically) blur an image. In this video tutorial, Julieanne uses the Lens Blur filter with a depth map to to create a series of images that appear as if they were captured with a tilt-shift lens. Julieanne also demonstrates how to quickly apply this filter to multiple images using actions and batch processing.

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Make a photo look like an oil painting

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You may have already used a filter or two in Photoshop (perhaps as a step in an earlier chapter). In this chapter, filters are the star players. Depending on which filters you apply and which settings you choose, the results can range from a subtle change to a total morph.AB You can make an image look (almost) as if it’s hand painted, silk-screened, or sketched; apply distortion; add a pattern, texture, or noise; create a mosaic or a patchwork of tiles—the creative possibilities are infinite. Once you start using the Filter Gallery, you’ll see … time will fly by. Continue reading “Make a photo look like an oil painting”