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New Java Vulnerability Used in Targeted Attacks

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Security researchers discovered a Java vulnerability (documented in IntelliShield alert 26751) that attackers are using to install malicious software on a victim’s systems. No software updates are available that correct the vulnerability. The attacks are currently limited in nature. There have been few reports of attacks that rely on the vulnerability. Now that Metasploitdeveloped a functional exploit, continued attacks that leverage this vulnerability increase in likelihood as time goes on. US-CERT has issued a related vulnerability note. Administrators can monitor this and other ongoing activity at the Cisco Security Intelligence Operations portal.

vPath: The Secret Sauce to Enabling Virtual Network Services

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What is vPath? Well, if VXLANs can set up secure tunnels over a shared, multi-tenant virtual network, vPath is a feature of the Nexus 1000V virtual switch that can redirect traffic to virtual application services before the switch sends the packets down into the virtual machine. Very important stuff, but how does it do that? I find that my blog posts are more popular the less I type, and the more I embed cool TechWiseTV videos that illustrate the concept, so I’m dusting off this classic from the TWTV team on just how vPath does that with our Virtual Security Gateway (VSG).

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