OCR on Raspberry Pi


Electric Soup

Monita, my Hispanic maid, has had a great idea for a children’s TV programme. ‘I will call it Mr Fruit,’ she told me, whilst working a Brillo Pad over my steel bathtub. ‘Aren’t you sailing a bit close to the wind, legally speaking, with regard to the Mr Men franchise?’ I replied. She screwed up her nose and spat on the scourer. ‘Let the dogs try sue me, sweetie!’ was her defiant response.

Anyhow, to help her create a pilot of the show – in an attempt to sell it to the media bigwigs – I unpacked my tiny Raspberry Pi computer and dusted down my webcam. Here’s the plan…

Monita will create a stage for her fruity characters to appear on, a simple model made from a cardboard box and a sheet of A4 paper as a backdrop. Upon the backdrop will appear the name of the character presently…

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