BBC cartoon on Raspberry Pi


Electric Soup

Monita, my Hispanic maid, is an old romantic. Keen to impress, I decided to create a passionate and tender cartoon for her reading pleasure, one which would arouse sensual feelings. Problem is, I’m no good with words. Not to worry though, I will simply let BBC News create the captions for the cartoon pictures I have drawn.

Using Python Tools for Visual Studio, I wrote the following Python code on my PC, which I then ported to my Raspberry Pi:

So first we define some constants, which reference the cartoon webpage and pictures, as well as keywords associated with the cartoon.

Next we loop until all our pictures are matched with captions. To do this we use Google’s Speech To Text service to sample BBC News on our TV set, pressing a microphone up against the TV speaker and converting the anchorman’s words into text. Once we have a…

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