Introducing Windows 8: Mount or Unmount ISO Images in File Explorer

In previous versions of Windows, users would have had to install third-party applications in order to properly work with ISO image files. These disc image files, which store the entire contents of a single optical disc, can be used to install programs, play games, watch movies or do anything you could do with an actual disc. Windows 8 has changed all that by providing this feature into the new File Explorer. Let’s learn how it works.


How to Select File Explorer as the Default Application to Open ISO Files


Before you can get started you’ll need to ensure that File Explorer is set as the default application for opening ISO files. If you’ve changed it to a third-party app you’ll need to change it back.

The fastest way to get this job done is to right-click or long-press an ISO file you have stored on your hard drive. Select “Open with” and click or tap “Choose default program.” Continue reading @ 7tutorials…


Disabling UAC in Windows 8

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  • Right-click on an open area of the Windows 8 start screen to bring up the All apps icon, which will appear in the lower-right corner. Double-click on that icon to bring up the Windows 8 Apps screen.

Disabling Windows 8 User Account Control

Figure 1: The Windows 8 ‘All apps’ icon.