KeePass is an essential tool for your online security

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You need a password manager!

If you already use a password manager (such as LastPass), feel free to skip this part. But if you don’t currently use one, let me reiterate: you need a password manager.

Saying “safeguarding your identity online is important” is almost like saying “wearing a seat belt is important”; that’s quite an understatement to make. There’s no lack of incentive: 2010 had some very high-profile security breaches, and it may very well be that your account (or a loved one’s account) was impacted.

But theory is one thing, and practice is something different entirely. Using a password manager may feel counter-intuitive: if I know my password by heart, I feel like it’s “mine”; it feels private, personal, and “secret”. Writing it down somewhere might make it feel like it’s not as private.


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