About Ultrabooks

The next generation of laptops is thinner and lighter–and may make you think twice about needing a tablet.
The Ultrabook, a new class of ultraportable laptops defined by Intel, has been making waves lately as the next major step in laptop design. These ultraslim and lightweight laptops promise to combine the conveniences of tablets with the functionality of larger notebooks. If Intel and Ultrabook manufacturers can get the design and technology right, Windows users may finally have relatively affordable and varied alternatives to the reigning ultrathin laptop, Apple’s MacBook Air. In addition to the much thinner and lighter laptops we’ll see this fall, you can expect combo devices with sliding or removable multitouch screens for true all-in-one versatility. Here’s what you need to know about Ultrabooks and whether you should prepare to purchase one.

What Are Ultrabooks?
Ultrabooks are laptops based on reference designs that Intel announced at the Computex trade show in May. Although Intel makes computer chips, not entire laptops, the company has provided the Ultrabook specification (five different ones, actually) to laptop manufacturers so that they can produce a new army of “thin, light, and beautiful” portables.

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